Welcome…In this blog I hope to bring to readers the essence of Anderson Valley – a beautiful and fascinating country valley in Northern California, about three hours north of San Francisco. The Valley, with it’s majestic redwoods and breathtaking vistas, is approximately thirty miles long, has anywhere from between 3000 to 4000 residents depending who or when you ask, and the wine industry, marijuana production, and tourism are currently in the ascendency after many years of logging, sheep, and apples…It has three somewhat distinct yet constantly overlapping and interwoven groups of people – Old-time families, those escaping the rat race of city life, and the Mexican community, not to mention a smattering of ‘n’er do wells’ who have ranged from the mass-murderer types to those who simply steal gas from your truck/car or steal your cigarette lighter!

Hopefully, I will be able to share some of what life here in The Valley was and is like by interviewing those who have lived here for some time and who want to share some of their experiences. With that in mind, most of my ‘guests’ will be in the “60/80 Club” – i.e. born before 1960 and lived here since at least 1980…The questions I pose will vary little from one person to the next and to conclude each interview the guest will answer a Questionnaire devised by French Interviewer and Culture “Expert”, Bernard Pivot, and featured on “Inside the Actors Studio”…For further insights to The Valley on a weekly basis please refer to “A Bird’s Eye View by Turkey Vulture” at turkeyvulture.net…

Please read on and hopefully enjoy…

Published on October 31, 2008 at 6:16 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. My name is karl. Armstrong I was at New Hope Privite School between the years of 1974 intill 1979 I was the longgest kid there besides one other that Mr. Dean mention in your article. I was problably the first if not the only black kid there at the time. Also I was the only kid there that didn’t go to school on the ranch like all the others, yes I was special I went to anderson valley elementry and middle school. I left after realizing I was the only black in the territory.

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